オリジナルブランド牛肉「N34」の販売開始 | Sales of N34 start in Japan and America!

Nobels Food Co., Ltd, is pleased to announce the start of sales for N34, our original brand of beef distinguished by its subtle marbling and firm yet tender and juicy texture, in Japan and America.
Nobels Food is the food product arm of the Nobels Group, a beef and milk producer located in Tokachi, Hokkaido. N34 comes from hybrid cows raised on the Group’s own farms. We are planning on sales in New York and other US markets.




N34 is a limited brand produced exclusively from female hybrid cattle that are crossbreeds of Japanese black cattle and Holstein dairy cows. N34 beef cattle are limited to cows that have been painstakingly raised over a long period of at least 34 months.
Furthermore, beef branded with the N34 name is limited to rare cuts such as sirloin and tenderloin that have passed our strict original grading system consisting of eight different criteria such as beef color and marbling.
The color of N34 boasts a color resembling a garnet gemstone or a luxurious mature wine, and boasts a flavor profile that combines mouth-watering, marbling with the rich flavor of firm yet tender red meat.




In Japan, sales will be conducted through a registered membership system for businesses and dining establishments. Nobels Food also plans to provide support for custom orders from chefs looking to develop new menus or with specific needs.We are planning on sales in New York and other US markets.





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