Original beef brand, raised and produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido.


A new option in beef selection


The spirit and commitment of the Nobels Group is reflected in everything we do, from production to sales.


Our commitment as cattle farmers伝えたい、生産者の思い

As producers of beef and raw milk products, the Nobels Group is one of Japan’s top companies in terms of both production scale and technological capabilities. At Nobels Food, we process and sell beef from cattle raised and nurtured on farms operated by the Nobels Group. We offer two original beef brands, Tokachi Herb Beef, which is limited to the Japanese domestic market, and N34, which we provide to professionals in Japan with sales also planned for the United States (US sales launch timing TBD).


  • Nobels Herb beef

    Tokachi Herb Beef (Japan only)十勝ハーブ牛(日本国内で販売)

  • N34

    N34 (Japan and US – US sales launch timing TBD)N34(日米両国で販売。ただし米国発売時期は未定)

Meeting the demanding needs of professional chefsシェフのご期待に応えるために

Messages from three members of Nobels Food involved in management and sales. Discover the Nobels Group passion for and commitment to beef production, and learn about the appeal of our new beef brand N34.

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