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Food Business

Nobels Group tries establishing “TOTAL production” in livestock business. Original rebel “Tokachi Herb-Beef” and food products are active marketing tools in our food business.


Right Marble and Solid Taste

Rosted Ramp of Tokachi Herb Beef, made by “MOTOI” who received one star in “The MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2017.” Photo at food tasting party, June 2017


Well-fleshing of Holstein and marbling of the Japanese black are inherited in Tokachi Herb-Beef meat. Our method “Fattening after one birth on Wagyu-cross” and long-term fattening makes the meat tender and marbling in the red meat.


Creates A New Type Of Value

We are obliged to tell consumers how delicious our Tokachi Herb-Beef is. Therefore, we are focusing on creating and selling food products. “Corned beef made from Tokachi Herb-Beef and Salt” represents our food products. They still carry the original flavor of the ingredients to your table.


Popular as gifts, “Corned beef made from Tokachi Herb Beef and Salt”



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